Triton the Aegean Chronicles

Triton the Aegean Chronicles - Yelle Hughes Triton (The Aegean Chronicles) by Yelle Hughes. Wish-fulfilment Greek-Gods’ style.
Have you ever dreamt of sharing your life with a Greek God? Do you want to live an extraordinary life and become one of the immortals?
Triton, the first in Yelle Hughes’s series of books about the Greek Gods and their interactions with mortals, has many elements of a wish-fulfilment fantasy. Characters can quickly travel in space and through dimensions, can live underwater, become immortal, become mermaids, be given superhuman strength… and even find love. Just in case you don’t think the fantasy and the elements of Greek mythology (and you get to come close and personal with many of the Gods we only know through Classics literary works, paintings and sculptures) are enough to make you want to read it, Triton has also modern, engaging and fun characters you would be happy to meet in real life and would love to call your friends (I know I’d happily join Ari, Sindi and Gail any day). You also have a fair amount of sex (some as you’ve never read it before).
If you want a wild ride under and over water and mythological stories with a difference I recommend you Triton. And from the extract at the end of the book, Erok’s adventures promise the fun will carry on.