A Forgotten Kitten (Sea-anan Saga, #2)

A Forgotten Kitten (Sea-anan Saga, #2) - Jessica Kong A Forgotten Kitten: 2 by Jessica A. Kong. Wars, empires and heroines like you’ve never seen them before.
I read the first novel in the Sea-anan Saga (A Lost Kitten) a few months ago and enjoyed the many universes with alien life forms and fascinating creatures, political alliances, wars and fights. More than anything I enjoyed the original romance at the centre of the book, where love conquered all, even extreme differences in species and customs. I follow the author, Jessica A. Kong, in Goodreads and remember telling her that I was looking forward to reading more about the rest of the family of the main character, in particular Areo, who was not only a woman, the empress and ruler of her people, but also the best fighter and leader. And I must say this novel does not disappoint.
In A Forgotten Kitten, we follow Areo, who is rescued from the grip of death by the actions of Sev, her soulmate, whom she thought lost forever. Unfortunately, although she recovers fully, Sev has lost his memory for most of his past, and cannot understand why he feels such affinity with her, especially as she is not a pure blood. Through this novel we get to learn more about the distinct worlds of the Oceanans, their politics, their enemies, but also their laws and prejudices. Again at the centre of the novel is another story of love conquering all. Both Sev and Areo are trapped between their duties as rulers of their peoples, and their true love. Their hearts tell them they should be together, but tradition and laws conspire to keep them apart. If these matters were not complicated enough, their romance has as setting a time of political unrest and turmoil, where their whole civilisation is at risk.
I’m not going to discuss the ending of the novel, but let’s say there are action scenes and fights that would look fabulous in any movie, heroes and heroines with special powers and skills who face terrible fates and fight for freedom, magical weapons, politics, and passion. There is also sex in the novel that illustrates the unbreakable bond between Areo and Sev, who are made for each other in all aspects. The author is skilful in creating wonderful worlds with creatures that are completely alien to us, whilst at the same time making their emotions and feelings (although epic in scale) completely understandable. Who would not wish for a love story like Sev and Areo’s in our everyday lives? Thank to the author we can share in the adventures and emotions, and hopefully there is much more to come yet.
The deeper I get into the story, the more I want to know about the background, the world, and particularly the extraordinary McCalls. If you fancy a good love story and a break from your everyday world, I recommend you read this book. One word of warning, if you start reading the saga you’ll have to carry on. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!