Entering - Mary Meddlemore Another Triumph of Storytelling from the Story Dimension Series
Talking dogs, doors leading to another dimension, an opinionated red pig, a walking mobile phone…Where else could you find such a fantastic combination of characters but in one of Martie Preller/Mary Meddlemore’s stories?
Mary Meddlemore, one of Martie Preller’s characters, decided it was time she wrote the stories. As she belongs to the story dimension Martie could only agree.
In ‘Entering’, Amy, the protagonist, a young girl who’s going through a difficult time at home, whilst trying to take refuge in her imagination, unwittingly opens the door to another dimension, where nothing is what it seems. She thinks she knows the stories and herself, but her adventures revisiting well-known fairy tales teach her better. By the end she’s learned about the world and more importantly, about herself.
Like the rest of the books of the series, ‘Entering’ is a triumph of imagination and storytelling. Date to enter the story dimension! You’ll enjoy the ride and it might just change you as much as it changes Amy!
I recommend it wholeheartedly to children from 0 to 150 (or more!)