The Realistic Mental Aptitude, The Answer to Your Problems

The Realistic Mental Aptitude, The Answer to Your Problems - Olga  Núñez Miret, Javier Almenar, Pili Vallejo Sound Advice without the Nonsense
Disclaimer: I have translated this book and I was given a free copy by the author when I was considering doing the translation. What follows is my honest opinion but I wanted to make sure anybody reading this would be aware of my involvement in the project.

Javier Almenar has written a self-help book on how to focus your efforts and achieve your goals. Mr Almenar is very candid and clearly acknowledges from the beginning that his credentials to write this type of book might be put into question. His expertise comes from observation, real life, and that thing in such short supply these days “common sense”.
His method is clear, stepwise and intuitive, and as you read the volume you can’t help but nod and agree. The Realistic Mental Aptitude is not rocket science, but that is the beauty of it. You don’t need to learn complex theories or believe articles of faith. You have to read the book, do the exercises, follow the steps, and the world is your oyster!
Mr Almenar illustrates the book with everyday examples and even family stories but he keeps them down to size and applicable to everybody.
The book can be useful not only to individuals but also to businesses or companies and it could be used as a method to define goals and plan future developments.
This is not a make yourself rich in five days scheme. It is no substitution for hard work, being constant and remaining down-to-earth. It is a realistic approach to achieving your goals. If that’s what you’re after, this is the book for you.