Athine Verses: The Blood Sisters

Athine Verses: The Blood Sisters - Shannon McRoberts Athine Verses: The Blood Sisters The Third Book in the Daughter of Ares Chronicles by Shannon McRoberts
Since I studied Greek Mythology at school I’ve always loved the stories related to the Gods, immortals, semi-Gods, particularly because these characters are very human. They might have powers that no human possesses, but their emotions and behaviours are utterly human, and they are lustful, and mean, and cruel, envious, jealous, and passionate, all in a grand scale. I realised when I had been reading Athine Verses for a while that I had started the collection in book 3 rather than at the beginning, but by then it was far too interesting to put down and start again. I must say the plot could be easily followed without having read the previous novels, although I suspect reading all of them will enhance the experience and build up a more complete picture of the characters, and their struggles.
Considering the length of the novel (under 90 pages, including cast of characters, places…) it packs in lots of action, background and stories. Although you become more familiar with the blood sisters, Morain’a and Nikeda, there are many other characters that have important parts to play in their destiny. To include all the information required there is a fair deal of narration and telling rather than showing, but this is appropriate to stories that originate from oral tales and are retold to suit modern imaginations. Saying that, there are some actions scenes and touching moments that allow the reader to get stuck in and share the experiences and emotions of the characters. Any of the individual stories of the characters has enough potential for a full book and I hope that the author will continue to build up and develop this wonderful mosaic of beings and legends.
In sum, Athine Verse, The Blood Sisters is a rollicking good read that moves at a fast pace and promises much more to come. I recommend it to anybody who is impatient with lengthy prologues and wants to get right into action from the very beginning, especially if interested in Mythology and Fantasy. I will be sure to go back and read the previous stories and look forward to the next instalments.
I was offered a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.