A Lost Kitten

A Lost Kitten - Jessica Kong A Lost Kitten by Jessica Kong
A Lost Kitten is the first in the Sea-anan Saga novels by Jessica Kong. The kitten of the title is Seacat John McCall. He is mixed feline and human race. The action (and there is a fair amount of it, of all varieties, romantic, erotic, battles, supernatural…) takes place in the future. Earth is mentioned but many worlds, planets and species unknown to us roam the universe created by the boundless imagination of Jessica Kong. She creates vivid descriptions of worlds, characters, animals (I must say my favourites must be the horses in Surreal…I so much wish this is made into a movie!) and situations and you can’t help but feel transported to places and situations you would have never imagined but that feel vibrant and real once you land there. Despite his ‘special’ characteristics (and I don’t want to spoil any surprises here) John is a truly ‘human’ and understandable character and we root for him from the start. Although his soul mate Jasira is anything but your standard human, we can’t but wish her success in her attempts at becoming one with him and a more visible presence. This is an adult book and the sexual encounters between John and Jasira are integral part of the plot, originally rendered, funny, tender and erotic. The planet Surreal is a truly successful creation and I felt somewhat sorry to leave it at the end despite the promise of many more adventures. The novel touches on many characters and worlds that one hopes will be developed in future instalments of the saga. There are many questions left pending and A Lost Kitten proves to be a great introduction to what promises to be the saga to follow. I would recommend this book to adults who love romance, fantasy, science fiction, a touch of erotica and wild imagination. And a good yarn.