Jim Fosse's Expense Claim

Jim Fosse's Expense Claim - John Dolan When a few e-mails can say so much, and sharply.
I love John Dolan’s Time, Blood and Karma series. It wasn’t until I recently read A Poison Tree that I remembered I had a copy of Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim and after getting to know Jim Fosse in the third volume of the series I had to read it.
Short, sharp, full to the brim with black (the blackest) humour, its structure is very simple. A few e-mails are exchanged between Jim and an HR employee dealing with the company’s claims. But it’s amazing how much you get to know about the character in these few exchanges. And it made me laugh out loud at a time when things aren’t really that funny.
I recommend this very brief read to anybody with a few minutes spare and a taste for the macabre and dark humour. Be sure to check the Time, Blood and Karma series. And beware of red tape!