Fables of the Reconstruction

Fables of the Reconstruction - Hunter S. Jones Vodoo, zombies and Whitechapel
Fables of the reconstruction is an adult book. And you know what I mean by adult. I’d never thought about the possibilities of a forked tongue before but…
I loved the atmosphere of the novel, set up in the Whitechapel of the Victorian era, and although it’s a rather brief book (the only downside of it) it manages to capture the seedy underworld of the Whitechapel of the time, where the rich and the poor interacted and everything was for sale. Although not a social commentary or denunciation of the time, the zombies become an extreme embodiment of the conditions of the deprived and underclass, used and consumed by those with more means. The seduction and power that come from the transformation are a form of empowerment that such characters would never have in that society, so divided. The male characters are intriguing and reminiscent of other worlds and cultures (voodoo, the American Reconstruction era), whilst the females, although initially appear as victims of the males, they are never just passive recipients of sex and violence, and have a mind of their own (even when their souls are under a spell). There is a great twist towards the end (I won’t say more as it would give too much away) and the actual end leaves plenty of possibilities open for more stories to come. And I do hope they come soon. Although not for the squeamish or those who don’t like to read erotica, I can recommend the book to everybody else wholeheartedly. And I will be looking forward to the new works of Hunter S Jones.