The Road to Charlie Company

The Road to Charlie Company - R.M. DuChene I enjoyed reading The Road to Charlie Company. Having said that I kept thinking the novel contained enough material to have become a much larger and dense book. The main characters are quite compelling, particularly Porter (and I have nothing against the evil character either) although some of the other characters (like the sergeants training the youngsters) could be given more space (maybe that’s planned for future books), and there are some great scenes (like the first mission when Porter insists in taking her men with her no matter how delayed they get while Kraven just abandons them without a second thought. Some of the scenes I felt deserved more space and further development (like the terrifying moment between Marquez and Kraven, and I don’t want to spoil it for anybody so won’t say anything else). The novel feels somewhat episodic, like a collection of great scenes (it would make a good film or TV series) that could do with some more glue to keep it together. Also more detail about this future society where the novel takes place (that might again come in time) would further enhance the novel. Overall a good read with some amazing scenes and great characters that could do with a bit more development I look forward to further work by the author.