Intended for Harm

Intended for Harm - C.S. Lakin Intended for Harm is beautifully written, packed with poetic language, with lyrical descriptions of situations and emotional states. It is also packed with unforgettable characters that are placed in impossible and heart-wrenching situations. The heart of the story is the final communion with God of the main character, and the redemption of two of his sons. From the appearance of Jake’s second wife, Rachel, who could hardly be more different to his first wife Leah, God seems to become a character in the story, manifesting itself in the gift bestowed upon their child Joey. Joey, like Joseph in the Bible, has prophetic dreams and is left for dead. Eventually he is in a position to save his whole family and forgive them for their cruelty. I am not a reader of Christian Fiction usually, and at times the discussions about God’s role in the world, fate, human will…I felt detracted somewhat from the other aspects of the story. On the other hand, although the ending was hardly surprising, I could not help feeling touched and emotional about it.
This is not an easy and quick read, but it will make you reflect and pull at your heartstrings.