The Nightlife: New York

The Nightlife: New York - Travis Luedke The Nightlife New York by Travis Luedke
The Nightlife New York has all that it promises in the title. There are corrupt policemen, pimps, escorts, homeless, drug dealers, and all the fauna of nightlife in a big city. Of course, there are also vampires. Michelle, the French extremely attractive blonde vampire has been around for some time and she seems to have suffered under the abusive vampire/Master who created her. In contrast with the old-style vampires (and more in line with more recent renderings) she is far from one-dimensional and although does not thinks vampires should fraternise with humans, there is more human in her than initially meets the eye. Aaron’s transformation is reminiscent of that of characters in novels by Anne Rice and others since, painful but ultimately exhilarating. Whilst in Charlaine Harris’s ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ novels the blood of vampires is a potent aphrodisiac and has hallucinatory powers, here it is a venom produced at the time of their bite that creates havoc with human and vampires hormones and sexual arousal. The novel is not shy in describing sexual encounters, sometimes of a fairly extreme kind. It is definitely an adult book.
The romance between Michele and Aaron is intriguing. She is initially the dominant one and seems to be a male fantasy character but she is the one who transforms him and therefore he is always linked to her. Who if anybody has the upper hand is for the reader to decide. How the relationship eventually develops was one of the most interesting aspects for me, but it is a novel that would satisfy equally people fond of vampires books, romance, erotica, and even sketches of nightlife.
This is the first of a series and I understand there’s no long to wait for The Nightlife Vegas. As Michelle notes Las Vegas is a perfect place for somebody wishing to live the nightlife. We’ll see what adventures the next novel brings!