Scrivener Essentials: A Quick Start Visual Guide For Windows Users

Scrivener Essentials: A Quick Start Visual Guide For Windows Users - Karen  Prince Easy visual advice from an expert user.

After hearing many positive comments about Scrivener from other authors, and taking advantage of an offer, I purchased the program. I went through the video presentation of the features, and I’ve checked others explanations, but they all seemed very convoluted and difficult to remember at the time of actually getting down to writing. Due to that I’d so far hesitated trying to launch a full-blown project in Scrivener.
Thankfully, this book came to the rescue. It is a step-by-step guide, and best still, visual. That means you can actually open the programme and have the book by your side, allowing you to check as you go along. For me, always looking for that button at the bottom right, under the double line, with a non-descript indicator on it, having an arrow pointing, makes a big difference. Another beauty is that the writer, an author herself, gives us her personal tips, things she has discovered through use, that are invaluable (and will not appear in any of the impersonal, “how-to” guides).
The discovery of this short gem has made me feel more confident in trying and using Scrivener. I recommend it to all writers, who, like me, have been wondering for a while about the program, but been scared by what appear to be never-ending complex explanations. Thanks Karen Prince!